What Is Physical Therapy?

10 Nov

Physical therapy, sometimes referred to as rehabilitation, is a specialized sub-specialty of medicine. Physical therapists are involved in treating patients with musculoskeletal issues to improve their quality of life. Physical therapists utilize evidence based therapeutic exercise, mobilization, physical therapy, diagnosis, rehabilitation, movement management, electrical therapy and rehabilitation to treat patients who are unable to work or perform everyday tasks due to physical disorders, injuries, or deterioration of the affected area.

Physical therapy Braintree MA is most often associated with athletes and those involved in competitive sports. It is most commonly associated with athletes that suffer from chronic pain caused by injury, illness, or neurological problems. There is no one single definition of physical therapy; it is often described as a combination of exercise, massage, physical training, rehabilitation and education. Physical therapy is not limited to athletes; it can benefit anyone from all walks of life. In most cases physical therapy is not covered by insurance companies.

Physical Therapy is very complex and involves a number of different types of treatment methods. The treatment method varies for each patient depending on his or her unique situation. The first step in physical therapy is diagnosis. Physical therapists are involved in evaluating a patient's diagnosis, assessing the patient's needs and identifying potential problems to be addressed. Physical therapists can evaluate a patient's physical status, assess his or her ability to perform various tasks and determine the patient's level of mobility. A physical therapist will then make recommendations concerning therapy to address specific problems that arise during the assessment process.

Physical Therapy is not limited to the rehabilitation or the healing process. Physical Therapists are also involved in helping patients develop healthy lifestyles. This may include lifestyle changes such as diet, nutrition, exercise, and stress management. A physical therapy Quincy MA expert works with their patients to identify specific lifestyle changes that will increase the overall effectiveness of physical therapy. Most patients have a range of goals that include strengthening and rehabilitative treatments. For example, some patients may seek treatments that address muscle weakness, decrease pain and improve mobility. Other patients may have goals that address physical therapy that addresses pain management.

A physical therapist works closely with their patients to educate them about their condition and to encourage the patient to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Physical therapy should never be considered a substitute for medical attention or the advice of a doctor. Although there are many examples of physical therapy being used as a form of therapy in conjunction with medical care, the primary goal of physical therapy is to help patients learn how to live healthy lives. In many cases a physical therapist's goal is to help patients return to their normal activities. Rehabilitation is necessary in order to improve an individual's functioning. Rehabilitation can involve a variety of different techniques including physical therapy and rehabilitation exercises.

Physical Therapy has been used as a primary form of healthcare for many years. Studies and research studies have shown that physical therapy can prevent disability, improve quality of life and reduce the risk of injury and death. In addition, physical therapy can reduce the negative effects of aging. Physical therapy is necessary to restore a person to full or optimal function in a wide variety of situations including accidents, illness, spinal cord injuries, muscle weakness, and disease, to name a few. Physical therapists are trained and qualified to provide the patient with the comprehensive assessment and management of the patient's symptoms and rehabilitation. They are often involved in educating their patients about nutrition, weight loss and nutritional supplements. Read more about physical therapy on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_therapy.

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